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SILP School

SILP School is an 18 week interactive video based training programme that teaches best practice in reviews which engage practitioners and families. It is for independent reviewers and in house practitioners who want more effective, proportionate review practice and early access to learning that is ready to implement on-the go as the process unfolds.

Whether you are brand new to reviews or established and ready to grow your practice around reviews, SILP School will challenge you to execute at the highest level. It’s designed to change your thinking around where we can achieve more by doing less in reviews and requires you to understand what it is like being involved in a review from different viewpoints.

SILP School generally only happens once a year, although in some years we have accepted two intakes. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. You choose to go at your own pace throughout the year, or join other enrollees and finish the training in just 18 weeks. Our alumni can choose to take SILP School each year to re-focus and glean even more information. Click here to stay in touch regarding forthcoming SILP School opportunities.?

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Free Training Opportunities

Join our FREE live training series called ‘2021 Clarity Kickstart’. It all begins with a free masterclass with Donna Ohdedar & Marian Brandon ‘How to Create Impact in your Review Without Adding Layers of Recommendations’ on 27th January 2021. Click here to reserve your seat.

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Refresh, upskill or boost your CPD.

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How to Ensure the Family Remains Integral to Your Review Even When There Are Delays
With Donna Ohdedar & Frank Mullane

I am joined by Frank Mullane, CEO of Advocacy Against Fatal Domestic Abuse, AAFDA.

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, examining the different types of delay it may encounter.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the 4 pillars work for you, focussing on the challenges of our current context.
  • The cycle the family may experience & how a good ending might look.
  • THE BIG QUESTION: what is practicable & achievable at each stage to achieve our objective?

Simple Strategies for a Successful Sign Off Meeting – Whatever the Format
With Donna Ohdedar

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, examining in detail the meeting at which the overview report is signed off.

For these meetings there are a variety of formats in use, with an increased need for creativity in our unusual times. Their success can be enhanced dramatically without the need for advanced tech skills or years of experience in webinar delivery.

In this training I will share:

  • Our tool for preparing those who will quality assure the report; plus our time saving strategy to identify what more is needed from the reviewer in advance of sign off.
  • My ‘Bottom Line Requirement’ for avoiding misunderstandings about the learning. Learn how use of visuals can increase buy in. Warning: leave this one out & risk poor ownership or lack of ownership of your well crafted recommendations or questions.
  • THE BIG QUESTION : how to avoid generating a list of proposed amendments that the reviewer cannot implement [yes, I am familiar with this scenario!]

How to Learn From Strong Practice Without Compromising on a Robust Review
With Donna Ohdedar & Brendan Clifford

I am joined by Brendan Clifford, Independent Reviewer & Black Country Councils Heath & Care Integration Lead.

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, exploring how to prioritise strong practice, deepening your analysis beyond purely understanding weaknesses.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the SILP Strengths Based Review Formula work for you, focussing on learning from what went well whilst maintaining a proportionate approach.
  • The cycle the stakeholders in the review may experience & how a good ending may look.
  • THE BIG QUESTION: what is practicable & achievable to ensure our reviews embrace strengths yet also fully understand shortcomings in practice & meet statutory guidance?

How to Avoid Unnecessary Delay in Reviews Involving Parallel Proceedings
With Donna Ohdedar & Dr John Fox

I am joined by Dr John Fox, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth & Lead Reviewer.

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, exploring when it is appropriate to exert challenge, reversing the default position from inevitability around delay.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the Principles of Pushback work for you, whilst maintaining respect & integrity around both processes & what they need to achieve.
  • What pushback might achieve for you & others in each of the 4 stages & how a good ending may look.
  • THE BIG QUESTION: Once any resistance has been understood during a review’s early stages, how to negotiate on the most appropriate point at which a step may legitimately be taken

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