Edition 63 November 2020


In a review all we are doing is giving feedback. So that sounds simple enough. Agreed?

In my opinion the answer is no. Books have been written & careers made on the subject of giving & receiving feedback. As a review participant, the following are indicators that you may want to avail yourself of plenty of support before & during the time of the review. If you are :

  • unsure of what to expect or have had a bad experience – the review’s role is not to open you up to self-doubt
  • critical of yourself or have perfectionist tendencies – the intention is not to feed into negative self talk

Advance preparation will ensure you are primed to understand the feedback we seek is about the system. The ‘why’, & a lot less of the ‘what’ than you might think.

It is the role of the independent reviewer to take time, exercising care, skills & expertise to ensure you are prepared appropriately at each stage of the review. Your feedback helps them to know whether you are or not. Your manager & safeguarding professionals in your own organisation will also be a source of support for you.

I plan to provide resources to structure this process, whilst also giving it a more personalised feel. As I create the resources that will be beneficial for you I would be helped greatly by your experience of this. Whatever your role in the review. Reply here & let me know what works well & what can be improved. & if you doubt this can be done in virtual reviews, challenge me to prove you wrong.