Edition 71 January 2021


Happy new year to you.

All that talk of creating a feedback safe environment in December culminated in the SILP Trainees demonstrating commitment [plus a measure of courage] to tackle the SILP simulated learning event.

This was an online event, so we didn’t run it over an extended period. The group learning that would form part of our usual structured learning event was missing. But we did create an opportunity to examine a case study together. The shoe was on the other foot for most trainees, who gained empathy with the practitioner role. Only 2 trainees experienced the chair role.

One trainee reflected on that missed group learning opportunity. Another, whose role did not receive any air play on the day, helpfully reminded us how this feels:

‘If this had been a real event I would have wondered why I was there.’

The overwhelming message in the feedback was this it was important as part of the trainee’s development.

If you have been a learning event participant, perhaps some of the feedback below resonates with you :

‘very powerful in terms of gaining empathy & insight into how a practitioner is likely to feel about the learning experience.’

‘Recognising that individuals reflections can range between self-blame to outright defensiveness and the need to manage across the spectrum of positions in a positively challenging and supportive way’

‘By literally stepping into their shoes, this helps …appreciate that a practitioner may feel on the defensive, conflicted, anxious and therefore how key the chair role is in alleviating these emotions’

& if you have tried the chair role, do you agree with one chair who reflected that in the future they would focus on

‘being more assertive with addressing unhelpful input and keeping practitioners focussed on the issue being discussed’

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