Edition 153 – July 2022

What is the secret that all review commissioners need to know when it comes to balancing the budget at the same time as driving quality in reviews?

If you were waiting for an ‘all packaged up’ one stop solution, you may be disappointed. But learning from the journey  of a safeguarding children partnership may be of interest. In this week’s episode of the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector Podcast I am joined by Robin Harper-Coulson, Independent Consultant & ex Business Manager of a Safeguarding Children Partnership. Robin has recently joined Review Consulting as Head of Enrollment for SILP School.

Expect to hear about the journey of a partnership which includes the full range of experiences. One unhelpful review triggered a quest to find quality & ultimately to creating in house expertise to conduct reviews. In this conversation Robin breaks down the demonstrable savings made & reflects on what advice he would give to anyone considering something similar.

Click here to listen to episode 010 of the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse sector podcast. It’s called The Challenges of Commissioning Reviews.