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Conscious review professionals already know reviews are about learning not blame. Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews or Safeguarding Adult Reviews, the chances are you also know there’s scope for our learning & improvement work to get better. In the SILP School podcast you can expect my thoughts, musings & insights on what sector led improvement can look like. Plus, I will introduce you to professionals who are taking action & can inspire us in an incredibly positive way. In this space we will reside in a place of possibility. No burnout. No decisions that ‘reviews don’t work’. Join me weekly for connection & motivation to create a tidal wave of positive impact. Expect honesty, openness for learning & key takeaways to implement in reviews & beyond.

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Click below to discover more about your innate qualities & how they may fit with working with the SILP methodology.

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3 days ago

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4 days ago

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Will you join me on the journey towards reduced fact & increased focus on learning in overview reports?

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Are you an independent reviewer or in house practitioner who is looking for a more effective, proportionate review practice?

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