About SILP

SILP is a tried and tested approach to reviewing cases, whether in the context of Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews or any other form of learning activity.

SILP explores the professional’s view of the case at the time the events took place. It analyses significant events and deals not only with what happened but why it happened. SILP can show us what affected the practitioner’s actions and decision making at the time and what needs to change.

The SILP approach is rooted in systems methodology, with each review being scoped to offer a proportionate approach according to the requirements of the case. The systems focus reduces any notion of blame, and our trained SILP Lead Reviewers offer an expert approach to ensuring practitioner events invite participation without fear of being blamed for actions taken in good faith. Families and significant others are offered opportunities to engage with our reviews in a variety of ways. SILP reviews see equal value in learning from good practice, highlighting what went well.

SILP participants

Those who have worked with SILP have commented on the openness and honesty of the process, with more active engagement of practitioners and evidence of speedy and tangible changes ‘on the ground’.

SILP has been used in over 200 reviews in England and Wales. Search under testimonials to learn more about their experiences.

about us

A fundamental principle of SILP is the independence of the lead reviewer. We have a team of trained SILP Lead Reviewers who have passed our accredited course and remain updated via annual refresher training. They have access to group supervision and our online resource centre. SILP Lead Reviewers may be independent or employed. We arrange all SILP commissions, offering reviews conducted by :

  • One or two Independent Lead Reviewers
  • One Independent Lead Reviewer and one Employed Lead Reviewer
    (from the commissioning organisation or another organisation)
  • One Employed Lead Reviewer under reciprocal arrangements.

Our focus at the point of each new commission is to make every review robust yet proportionate in all the circumstances. We discuss and agree at the start of each commission whether there is a need for one or two lead reviewers, depending on the nature of the review.

We are committed to maintaining our reputation for quality and we operate a resolution procedure under which those who commission us can ask us to consider the quality of the work produced. If we consider further work is necessary to meet our required standards we will arrange this.

You will see why we insist that if a review is not arranged by us, it’s not a SILP under the terms of our registered trademark.

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