SILP Assessment

Are you considering your fit with a new role, a new way of working, trying some thing new?

The majority of hiring decisions are made in the first five to fifteen minutes of a job interview.

The reason?

Maybe it is because the extent to which you can deliver against a person specification or job description is only part of the picture.

Innate Qualities & Aquired Qualities

The key to identifying personality fit for a role change or the next step in your career is to consider your innate qualities. These are relatively constant across your lifetime.

Acquired qualities or skills are learned or developed over time & these can be assessed against a person specification.

Both acquired & innate qualities can provide valuable but different information

Acquired qualities are helpful to assess training needs, but they don’t necessarily indicate what a person can learn in the future.

I help those in my community to see themselves as leaders in review practice. This is about understanding the impact we can have by the way in which we lead ourself & others.

I see it as part of my role to help you make decisions, just as the interviewee does.

If you are thinking of working with SILP you can discover more about your innate qualities here [SILP assessment]

If you want to test your acquired qualities for becoming a SILP reviewer click here [SILP eligibility assessment]

My invitation to you is to work with us to create a tidal wave of positive impact in reviews. All that remains is for us to craft the route that is right for you.