We want those who work with us to achieve the result they desire, but also to understand that they matter to us tremendously. The company’s values & mission statement are set out below. These case studies say more than we ever could. I hope they help you to decide if we are the right team to work with you.

Case Studies SILP School

“I’ve been able to embed the principles of SILP into the reviews that I continue doing for the local authority. I’ve also been able to sign up with Review Consulting and apply to be the chair and author of domestic homicide reviews and safeguarding adults reviews. And I’ve just been successful in getting my first commission.”

Julia Greig, SILP School Graduate 2020

“It is helping you explore not just the what, but actually why were decisions made in the way they were, and helping you understand why professionals made those decisions. Why interventions were made and understanding actually the framework and the context and having empathy for and creating a safe environment for practitioners.”

Celina Shallard

SILP School Graduate 2020

“It is a programme that challenges the way you may think even if you have experience of doing case reviews in the past. It allows you to take a step back from what you think you might know and think about… experiences you may have had in terms of case reviews and allows you to look at it afresh, think about your experience of walking in the shoes of being a participant in a review, how it might have made you feel and how you can make it better.

Sarah Glossop, SILP School Graduate 2021

“It’s brought me peace of mind that my standards are kept professional, at the top of the game, and that my knowledge is up to date. With SILP I’ve got the confidence to know that I’ve got fresh ideas, I’m not going stale. And that keeps my review methods current and different. With SILP it’s ensured that I keep my skills to a certain level. So I lead my reviews effectively.”

Allison Sandiford

SILP School Graduate 2019

 ‘My starting point was I was a commissioner and had some bad experiences of the previous review and our partnership was a board at the time, the practitioners often felt reviews were done to them rather than they were contributors towards the review. The SILP methodology quickly changed that viewpoint, it allowed us to focus on the learning and not apportioning blame. It allowed us to have reviews which are much more proportional, they focused on the learning on specific key episodes rather than being a huge chronology of events going back in some cases to the child’s birth.’

Robin Harper-Coulson

SILP School Graduate 2019


Case Studies SILP Reviews

‘The feedback that we’ve had from practitioners in particular has been that they felt very informed, very confident to be involved. They felt supported throughout.People particularly found the Learning Event discussion helpful. What I was very impressed with is the openness and the honesty and the transparency that some practitioners had in terms of being really open about what happened.’


Karen Wright SILP 

Review Commissioner