The Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector Podcast

Conscious review professionals already know reviews are about learning not blame. Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews or Safeguarding Adult Reviews, the chances are you also know there’s scope for our learning & improvement work to get better. In the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector podcast (formerly the SILP School podcast) you can expect my thoughts, musings & insights on what sector led improvement can look like. Plus, I will introduce you to professionals who are taking action & can inspire us in an incredibly positive way. In this space we will reside in a place of possibility. No burnout. No decisions that ‘reviews don’t work’. Join me weekly for connection & motivation to create a tidal wave of positive impact. Expect honesty, openness for learning & key takeaways to implement in reviews & beyond.

Join me & my special guests in the conversation about all review related topics, plus the wider agenda for those interested in sector led improvement & taking action to uplevel & create a tidal wave of positive impact.

How to Analyse Adultification Bias & Inequality in the Safeguarding Response

Do we feel skilled up enough to analyse bias in the safeguarding response in 2023? Where does it leave us in terms of our duty to safeguard the most vulnerable people in society if we are answering this question with a ‘no’?

How to Place the Family at the Centre of the Review in 2023

How do you avoid creating frustration for a family member or significant other who contributes to your review? The starting point is being conscious at every stage of the process. But the details are important. How late is too late to speak with the perpetrator? Who would you speak to first?

Reviews which Generate Clear Actions to Improve Interprofessional Communication

Are you ready to discuss the topic that is guaranteed to feature in every review you will undertake? This might be where you are highlighting multi agency collaboration as strong practice or considering where & how it could improved.

In today’s episode I’m joined by Nick Frost who will share his ideas, including those based on a communities of practice model.

The Five Key Ingredients for a Great Thematic Review

How do you avoid the inevitable sense of overwhelm that pervades at the start of a thematic review? In this workshop we consider methodologies that enable the review to maintain its focus on the high level ideas. 

Season 3 Trailer

The show is back for season 3 & I am feeling energised & uplifted following the success of season 2. The pressure is on to improve. So herein lies my challenge.

Speaking of challenges, it goes without saying that 2023 will bring unique ones for our sector. So let’s dig in & learn more.

5 Features of the Welsh Single Unified Safeguarding Review

There’s no possible way forward than to be inspired by this episode. Have we normalised there being several review process which flow from a single incident? Meet Liane James, who embarked on a 5 year project to change this. 

Reviews Which Analyse Exploitation in Children with Nikki Holmes

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews which analyse practice whose aim is to protect children from exploitation are called upon to make no assumptions. This dynamic & fast changing landscape is different to what it was only a year or so ago.

5 Misconceptions About Recurring Themes in Reviews with Jonathan Dickens

Whether you are conducting a Child Safeguarding Practice Review, a Safeguarding Adults Review or a Domestic Homicide Review, the themes you encounter are likely to have arisen in a previous review. 


Robust Reviews Using Appreciative Inquiry Techniques with Karen Wright

Reviews with an appreciative focus incorporate 3 intertwining strands from a variety of established theoretical & practical backgrounds. These are embedded within 4 pillars of an appreciative review. 


The Key Findings from Analysis of Domestic Homicide Reviews with Gaynor Mears & Davina Hanman-James

The Key Findings from Analysis of Domestic Homicide Reviews analysed 124 DHRs reviewed by the Home Office in the 12 months from October 2019.  Today’s episode allows you to access the workshop with Gaynor & Davina, 2 of the authors.

The Challenges of Commissioning Reviews with Robin Harper-Coulson

Balancing the budget whilst ensuring the quality of reviews is a challenge for any commissioner of reviews. In this conversation with Robin Harper-Coulson, ex Business Manager of a Safeguarding Children Partnership, we learn more about one partnership whose journey includes the full range of experiences. 

Reviews that Generate Learning for Organisational Leaders with Natasha Rennolds

Relatively few review recommendations are aimed at organisational leaders. But they have the power to create change just as the frontline do. If we ignore this, we are missing part of the puzzle.  Creating a culture of confidence & support for professionals to tackle the challenges of safeguarding is worth investing in. 

What Happens After a High Profile Tragedy & Why it Matters with Ray Jones

The stereotypes surrounding safeguarding professionals are never helpful. But they are brought into sharper focus after a high profile. The way leaders react makes such a difference. Then the media’s response will shape the way the public sees the sector. Is this all just inevitable, or do we each have a part to play?

What it Means to be Trauma Informed with Dr Jessica Taylor

Relatively few review recommendations are aimed at organisational leaders. But they have the power to create change just as the frontline do. If we ignore this, we are missing part of the puzzle.  Creating a culture of confidence & support for professionals to tackle the challenges of safeguarding is worth investing in. So I suggest this conversation will be useful for anyone who works in the world of safeguarding or domestic abuse or who has an interest in it.

An Inside look at a Partnerships Learning Activity with Amanda Gillard

Now here’s a golden opportunity to hear in detail exactly what a partnership does when they make a clear decision to put the practitioner at the heart of their learning activity.
How do you prioritise learning from strengths without leaving behind what needs to change? What difference does it make when a chair practices active listening compared to the one who over steers?

Reviews, the Media & the Independent Chair Role with David Niven

Have you ever read a headline in mainstream media reporting on social workers having done a good job? If you haven’t, my next question is ‘how does this impact on how those professionals FEEL? I suspect this can be applied more widely to safeguarding professionals in general. This was the conversation that began with reviews then expanded into social work & the media & social work world wide.

Compassionate Ageism in Social Care Provision with Dr Mervyn Eastman

Join me for this conversation if you are open to be challenged about how you think about older people & growing older. Mervyn offers us his thoughts about a society in which stereotyped ageist assumptions abound.
A topic so close to my heart, Mervyn’s comments were more than enough to fuel me to continue to question & challenge what I hear, see & think. Are you ready to do the same? 

Assessing Risk in Domestic Abuse with Dr Vivien Bickham


The requirement for a stronger perpetrator focus, more robust legislation about coercive control, the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme & non fatal strangulation beoming a stand alone offence. These & other important changes are becoming embedded & the action required on the ground is unprecedented.


Are Reviews Adding Value or Adding Unnecessary Layers of Improvement Action? with Natasha Rennolds

The essential, inescapable question we have to ask ourselves & be held accountable for. Are you ready?
The conversation I will share with you is an eye opener. A wake up call, in a good way. It’s a more gentle form of challenge than you might think, so don’t be afraid. Trust me. You can dive in.

The 4 Features of Honest, Trauma Informed Engagement with Families in Reviews with Frank Mullane

This episode provides an opportunity for you to listen in to a very special discussion which went deeper and into some of the far reaches of engaging with families in reviews. You will hear what happened when  a group of professionals who care deeply about honest, trauma informed family engagement aired some forthright, vulnerable, points. 

Season 2 Trailer


It’s with much excitement that I am bringing to you the first episode of Season 2 of my podcast. You will notice some changes that come with this trailer including a change of name from the SILP School podcast to the Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse Sector Podcast. This really shows how I am looking to go to the next level in this season.