When I asked Kul Mahay about organisations with a learning culture it was inevitable that we would begin by speaking about the pandemic. It forced us to become more creative. Being creative is everything when we want to generate valuable learning.

Reviews are pre-occupied with learning from what didn’t go well. But that leaves us feeling value less. So how do we use emotional intelligence, as leaders & in reviews to flip this?

If you are ready to hold up the mirror & consider the culture you create as a leader or a reviewer, this Is an episode you will enjoy.

About Kul Mahey:

Kul Mahay is an accomplished senior leader with over 30 years of senior leadership experience, in the police service and is recognised as a top leadership and emotional intelligence specialist. He has extensive experience in cultural diagnosis and transformation, leadership development, executive coaching, conflict resolution, development of executive teams, HR transformation, and serious and large-scale investigations, critical and major incident command, and contingency planning, working right up Executive level.

He is regularly called upon to comment on issues around organisational culture and embedding emotional intelligence into organisational practices.

As a trained TV presenter, Kul is regular asked to appear on tv as an expert. He hosts his own ‘Unlocking Leadership’ radio show as well his popular podcast ‘Human Centred Leadership’ known for his engaging conversations with senior leaders from across the globe.

Website: https://www.igniteyourinnerpotential.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kulmahay/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/human-centred-leadership-podcast-with-kul-mahay/id1600862985

About Donna Ohdedar: Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser & trainer, Donna is involved in serious case reviews in both children’s and adults’ safeguarding, domestic homicide and is a SILP Reviewer and Mentor. Donna offers ‘SILP School’ her university accredited training course, CPD for reviewers & a free online network for leaders in review practice.

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