How do you avoid creating frustration for a family member or significant other who contributes to your review? The starting point is being conscious at every stage of the process. But the details are important. How late is too late to speak with the perpetrator? Who would you speak to first?

Today’s episode allows you to access the thoughts & principles that work in 2023 with all the choices we have about how to offer this. It’s designed to help you to get most out of the contribution available to the review whilst at the same time a summary of the workshop I offered alongside James Rowlands and Dr Elizabeth Cook, which considers these challenges. 

This episode is important listening whether you work in the world of Domestic Homicide Reviews, Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews or Safeguarding Adults Reviews. Domestic 

About Dr Elizabeth Cook:

Dr. Elizabeth Cook is a Senior Lecturer in the Violence and Society Centre, City, University of London, which she joined in January 2020. As a sociologist and criminologist, her principal areas of research expertise include homicide, family, and gender and their intersections with harms to society, specifically: analysing pathways between gender, inequality, and homicide; improving statutory fatality review systems; and accounting for the impact of family advocacy and activism on crime, justice and punishment. Her expertise forms part of a large UKRI-funded Prevention Research Partnership (PRP) Consortium Award on Violence, Health and Society, of which, she is a Co-Investigator. This Consortium engages with multiple public, governmental and third sector bodies who generate data on violence with the aim of developing a theory of change of violence, health and society.

About James Rowlands:

James comes from a practice-based background in the domestic and sexual abuse sector, having originally trained as a Social Worker and then becoming an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA). Before commencing his PhD in 2018, he spent 14 years working in the voluntary and statutory sector in a variety of roles. Most recently he was the Strategic Commissioner for Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and VAWG at Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council.

About Donna Ohdedar:
Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser & trainer, Donna is involved in serious case reviews in both children’s and adults’ safeguarding, domestic homicide and is a SILP Reviewer and Mentor. Donna offers ‘SILP School’ her university accredited training course, CPD for reviewers & a free online network for leaders in review practice.

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