Edition 8 October 2019


If it’s Good Enough for Harvard . . .

It was a proud moment… when the ‘SILP Lead Reviewer Course’ received university accreditation back in 2012. It has run annually ever since. But the world has changed so much in only 7 years .. it’s time for a change.

We have a long waiting list for the course, with only a fraction able to attend on the date/in the location we offer. And 3 consecutive days is an enormous commitment for busy people…it always was a very big ask. Does this resonate? Similar to getting busy practitioners around a table in reviews..

The course cohort? Not only those who want to operate independently. Course participants increasingly come from the ranks of commissioners, in house practitioners & those who participate in reviews. But they need different modules to those who want to operate independently.

So, we have developed something new. Our next university accredited course will be launched as a digital offering in June 2020. Registration will open for a short window of time, then it will close for that year. Newsletter subscribers will receive regular updates. There will be a choice of pathways, depending on your aspirations.

Help us develop the course with your feedback. What about the course title? Does ‘SILP School’ work? Email info@reviewconsulting.co.uk. Click here to join our course waiting list.