Edition 6 September 2019



When we decided to record the ‘Story of SILP’ we were fairly new to recording ourselves. Take a look at the video below and you will see we needed to polish our act. But we took the view that it should still make it into our September newsletter. Why?

When we are invited to your local area to scrutinise your practice, we understand how hard it is to reveal all and be appraised on what went wrong. We want to ensure you learn equally from what worked well, even in cases with a poor outcome.

SILP reviewers come from backgrounds which help us to understand the challenges of partnership working. We have experience of the systems and structures you work within and the context of reducing resources. We did the course, we worked as trainees and we began to see how we could offer a fresh pair of eyes on practice as we saw it. You hold the key to unlock the learning about what is happening on the ground where you are . . . and why it happened.

You have shared your practice with us in reviews, so now it’s our turn. Take a look at our team and watch our videoNo doubt you can help us to improve on this . . . we are learning!

Have you met any members of our reviewer team? Try these:

·         1. Which member of the SILP team visited 4 music festivals in the month of July?

·         2. Which SILP reviewer plays percussion in a ceilidh band?

·         3. Name one of the two SILP team members who has a passion for cycling.

Email info@reviewconsulting.co.uk and we will respond with your marks by return.