Edition 65 November 2020


SILP Trainees learn to understand the practitioner experience by stepping into their shoes. This experience helps every reviewer to understand when & why they might meet defensiveness in review practice.

Shall I ask them to share with you how it felt in our December edition?

SILP reviews began in 2009. Tried & tested in 200 reviews, they are renowned for engaging directly with practitioners & families. The antithesis to the paper exercise. No split groups. No closed doors. All participants see all the material, including the draft overview report.

The same amount of attention is paid to understanding the practitioner experience in the virtual offering as the in person offering. Full respect is paid to the nature & quality of attention that can be given to a screen, as well as the art of spotting visual cues on virtual platforms. Recognising the delicate balance between securing the full engagement the review requires & understanding the individual participant’s requirements is of the utmost importance in 2020. Without precision planning & attention to detail these virtual encounters can be futile or even disheartening. Never expect to replicate what we did before online. A new chapter . . .