Lead Reviewers

Out team of SILP accredited reviewers have all undertaken our University Accredited Course. They are required to refresh their training annually with us and are subject to mentoring and supervision throughout their reviews. We appraise our reviewers annually using our competency framework to support them in reaching their goals.

All Reviewers can be contacted through Review Consulting:


Donna Ohdedar – Head of SILP

Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safe-guarding adviser and trainer, Donna is involved in serious case reviews in both children’s and adults’ safeguarding, domestic homicide reviews and, of course, SILP, and is a SILP Lead Reviewer and Mentor.

Motivated by her big mission to improve practice in reviews, Donna offers ‘SILP School’, her university accredited SILP review course, continuing professional development for reviewers & a free online network for ‘leaders’ in review practice. Click
here to join.

With an aspiration to share her vision more widely & learn with others about what will be needed in the next phase of learning & improvement work, this group is open to all until February 2020. The focus is on how we lead ourselves & others in reviews. Those attending the SILP Conference on 25 March 2021 may remain post conference & will form a new accountability group.

Tune into Association of Child Protection Professionals’ podcast where Donna discusses ‘What Will be Needed from Reviews in the Next Phase?’. You can listen below:

‘Donna ensured the events were well attended and those I saw involved in the discussion were obviously well prepared for the meeting, which was well chaired’

‘She made me feel comfortable and we were given a lot of reassurance during the process, This was the first meeting of this kind I had attended. I feel that I was not spoken down to by the other professionals in attendance, which was important..’

Nicki Pettitt – Head of Practice Development

Head of Practice Development for SILP, Nicki qualified as a Social Worker in 1989. She worked in Children’s Services in London and the South East and was Head of Service for Children’s Social Care in a City Council on the South Coast.

Since moving to Gloucestershire in 2008 Nicki has undertaken a large number of Serious Case Reviews both as Chair and Overview Author. She is a SILP Lead Reviewer and Mentor.

‘We have used Nicki to undertake three SCRs for us as we find her knowledgeable and straightforward. The quality of her written work is excellent and staff have said that she makes a very hard situation a positive learning experience.’
‘The Lead Reviewer listened and understood. I didn’t feel blamed, and I felt able to speak out about my role in the case.’
Nicki Pettitt is our ‘go to’ for case reviews as she is a pleasure to work with.

Christopher Brannan – SILP reviewer

Over 40 years of extensive social work experience specialising in safeguarding. Working initially as a front line practitioner progressing to Senior Officer roles. This lead to the positions of Director of Residential Childcare and Specialist Education Services.  The vast experience held within safeguarding provided the foundation to take on the role of chairing safeguarding commissions within Hereford and Shrewsbury Catholic Dioceses and Telford and Wrekin. Direct involvement in report writing and the successful completion of a Serious Case and Domestic Homicide Review. Looking forward to bringing all of this experience as a future Lead Reviewer with SILP. 

Cath Connor – SILP reviewer

Cath is an accredited SILP Lead Reviewer. A qualified social worker with PhD which focussed on looked after children and youth justice. Cath has broad experience as a practitioner and manager in the areas of substance misuse, child mental health and neglect and has authored reviews on these subjects.

Cath is committed to enabling the involvement of family and professionals in reviews to maximise opportunities for learning. Cath’s has received positive feedback from young people and parents following their involvement and has facilitated successful learning events for practitioners and managers with sensitivity and challenge – references are available.

Excellent presentation of learning event – well-structured with plenty of scope to discuss other matters arising.

It is clear that the success of an SCR event hinges a great deal on the ability, skills and personality of the SCR author and Chair.  In this case their openness, honesty and rigour has been really appreciated.  Thank you.

This has been very interesting – it has helped me evaluate my own actions and practice and I will be using these experiences to improve my practice and that of the team I work with and the parents I work with.

It is clear from both the questions and qualitative comments that participants found the SCR to be well organised and very well facilitated.  There was only positive feedback.  the LSCB can be assured that in line with the LiPP quality marker the broader learning and improvement culture of an organisation was strengthened from practitioners who were constructively involved in an SCR 

Karen Perry – SILP reviewer

Karen’s last permanent job role was as Assistant Director for Safeguarding and Specialist Services; child protection, children in care and SEN. Her previous experience includes Head of Children’s Health commissioning. As well as undertaking SCRs/CSPRs/case reviews since 2016, Karen is also an independent chair of a local authority fostering panel and sits on Fitness to Practice panels for the HCPC.

Karen also volunteers as a Dementia Champion for the Alzheimer’s society and for Citizens Advice; providing advice to and advocacy for vulnerable people.

‘I was very nervous about attending today but want to thank you for the sensitive way it has been led.’ (practitioner)  

‘I liked the way that you drew people into the conversation and also asked them to expand, challenging but in a way that allowed them to explain their understanding.’ (LSCB Observer)   

‘The review report, although addressing complex issues, was succinct, and written in a style that enabled partners to understand the main themes and the roles of various professionals within the delivery of services. The recommendations made, were clear and achievable. Her attention to detail was impressive and Karen ensured she met agreed timescales and adhered to Board expectations.’ (Board Manager)

Adrienne Plunkett – SILP reviewer

Adrienne qualified as a SILP reviewer in 2014. She has high level  skills in engaging families, including children, in the review process, as well as practitioners and front-line managers, handling complex group dynamics and facilitating collaborative problem solving.  In addition, Adrienne writes  reports which are clearly written, accessible, analytical and identify the key learning and recommendations.

‘I have found Adrienne to be proactive, maintaining momentum and ensuring highly focussed and productive panel meetings. Adrienne interacts positively with lead professionals to ensure clarity of purpose and negotiates her way through complex and at times challenging conversations maintaining positive and constructive working relationships.  ‘

Karen Rees – SILP reviewer

Karen’s background is paediatric nursing, school nursing and health visiting.  Karen progressed to safeguarding adult and children roles at various levels in the NHS. Karen was integral in the multi-agency management team setting up an Adult and Child MASH.  Karen represented NHS Trusts on several LSCB & LSAB sub groups including policy, training and SCR/SAR, including chairing and vice chairing.

Leaving the NHS in 2015 to become an independent safeguarding consultant, Karen has undertaken several SCRs and SARs and other reviews using SILP methodology.

‘Karen has acted as overview author / lead reviewer for 2 of our SCR’s. I have found her to be organised, thorough and always meets agreed deadlines. Karen is not afraid to professionally challenge others but is always reflective and open to the perspective of others. Karen’s management of the professionals reflection / engagement events was particularly skilful in ensuring a no blame culture within the meeting whilst still extracting learning and encouraging reflective practice. I would recommend Karen and use her again in the future should the need arise.’

Allison Sandison – SILP reviewer

Allison is a trained barrister who has over 10 years experience working as a safeguarding lead on behalf of the police. She has undertaken a number of reviews and is now an accredited SILP reviewer. Her legal background means that she is a thorough researcher with excellent analytical and reasoning skills resulting in organised and concise reports.

Ian Vinall – SILP reviewer

Ian has been a qualified social worker for 28 years. He is a highly experienced service head and leader with a significant history of working in local government in Children’s Services safeguarding roles including Head of Safeguarding and Head of Service. Ian is trained and accredited to chair and author Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR) through AAFDA and the Home Office and is SILP trained to undertake Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR). Ian is an associate chair of Domestic Homicide Reviews for Standing Together. He has been a CSPR and DHR panel chair, panel member and has been the author of 2 CSPRs. Ian has undertaken safeguarding peer reviews for the Local Government Association and has undertaken safeguarding audits, reviews, training and facilitation for schools, local authorities and the voluntary sector. Ian is an experienced coach and mentor and has been in several improvement roles in local authorities. Ian is passionate about supporting social work and multi-agency practice in achieving good outcomes for children. Ian is very proud to be a White Ribbon Ambassador, working to end male violence against women and is a Trustee for a domestic abuse charity.

Dr Vivien Bickham MBE – SILP reviewer

Vivien is a highly professional leader and team player with outstanding qualifications and over 42 years experience working with both male and female survivors of abuse, as well as perpetrators of abuse, which extends from the front line support and counselling work through to senior strategic management and learning and development roles. Her specialisms cover Adult and Children’s safeguarding, Domestic and Sexual Abuse from a survivors and perpetrators perspective. She has a trauma informed practice. Vivien previously help Police Clearance level 4 and holds a current DBS Enhanced Clearance. She is also an AAFDA DHR Chair and SILP trained plus various CPD relevant courses completed. 

Suzy Kitching – SILP reviewer

Suzy is a social worker with over 25 years practice covering all aspects of children’s and family work.  This has involved help, statutory intervention and planning  and included developing and managing multi disciplinary services across adult and  children’s services. Suzy has worked until quite recently in local authorities at both an operational and strategic level as Head of Service and Principal Social Worker. 

Suzy has a real interest and passion in supporting and improving practice and experience in undertaking analytical and evidence-based reports and reviews. Suzy is a trainer, an independent scrutineer for a Local Safeguarding Partnership and became an accredited SILP Reviewer in 2021. 

Jenny Butlin-Moran – SILP reviewer

Jenny is an experienced registered social worker and was previously a senior manager for safeguarding and quality assurance for a large council.

Since working independently in 2019, Jenny has undertaken a range of work to support practice improvements for organisations including; safeguarding investigations,  audit work, single agency reviews and as an associate for the Local Government Association as a Peer Reviewer and Case Reviewer.

Jenny is an accredited SILP reviewer. Jenny has acted as a Lead Reviewer for Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and a SAR.

Jenny is passionate about improving outcomes for children and adults.

Julia Greig – SILP reviewer

Julia is a registered social worker with 20 years of local authority experience working primarily with adults. Julia’s most recent role has focused on quality assurance of social work practice. She has developed and delivered domestic abuse training to social care workers and agency partners as well as being an agency report author. Julia undertakes both Safeguarding Adult Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews. Julia is trained and accredited to chair and author Domestic Homicide reviews (DHR) through AAFDA and is a member of the AAFDA network. Julia has particular interest in issues around mental capacity, and older people’s experiences of domestic abuse.

‘Julia has a thorough approach to her work. She is determined and resourceful with a desire to establish facts, analyse what they mean for practice and pragmatic solutions and recommendations for learning and improvement. She can work independently and her work is of a high quality.

Excellent interpersonal skills ensure that people are able to focus on the issues and move work forward. Julia is an effective communicator, who is always well prepared and presents confidently and clearly in different settings. She is used to managing deadlines and will adhere to agreed timescales. ’

Geoff Corre – SILP reviewer

Geoff Corre is an accredited review lead author. He has written reviews on child and adult safeguarding and wrote the first serious case review on a young person who was believed to have been a victim of trafficking from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Geoff has extensive experience in child protection and adult safeguarding as a provider, commissioner and regulator. He has acted as Head of Child Protection and Statutory Review for a large County Council and managed a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub. As an HMI, he has inspected child protection services in local authorities and police forces for Ofsted and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. He is a member of the Advisory Board for Locate International and a Trustee of ECPAT UK. 

‘I have undertaken two children’s reviews with Geoff. He is a very good chair and an excellent report writer. His extensive experience in both adult and children’s services and in the multi-agency environment ensures he understands systems, processes and safeguarding practice. As a chair/facilitator of learning and practitioner events he is clear, engaged and allows professionals to feel at ease in a difficult situation. He has received excellent feedback from those who have attended the events, and from family members that he has engaged with while undertaking reviews. 

Geoff is equally confident and experienced when presenting at Boards and Executive meetings and when speaking at events to share the learning.

He is organised, meets deadlines, and is exceptionally reliable. He works hard and is proportioned in his response to a commission or new review.’

Margaret Tench – SILP reviewer

Margaret has worked in the NHS for 43 years before retiring December 2021. She is a qualified psychiatric nurse, general nurse and health visitor and has worked in safeguarding for the last 23 years in a variety of named and designated nurse roles in acute, community and commissioning settings managing teams of both adult and children’s safeguarding leads. She has a masters degree in child protection studies and qualified as a SILP reviewer, she has a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry and understands the importance of a strengths based approach.

Margaret was chair of a strategic safeguarding partnership’s children’s practice review group for seven years prior to retiring and also has been the author of a number of single and multi-agency case reviews and learning reviews.

Margaret has extensive experience of multi-agency working and has been a member of safeguarding partnerships, formerly LSCB’s and associated sub groups throughout her time in safeguarding.

Margaret is driven by her enthusiasm to make a change to the lives of vulnerable people and has led on key changes to practice in areas she has worked.

Margaret has a keen interest in the role of fathers and as a result of a recommendation from a single agency review report she wrote, was instrumental in implementing the SIRS process recognised as ‘emerging good practice’ by the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel in ‘Safeguarding children under 1 year old from non-accidental injury’. September 2021

Nicola Brownjohn – SILP reviewer

Nicola had a career in the NHS, working in both children and adult services. For many years she took on safeguarding roles and promoted collaborative leadership in development of SABs and redesign of children’s partnerships.

Since becoming an Independent Safeguarding Consultant, Nicola has chaired and authored several reviews for safeguarding adults and children using a range of methodologies. She has maintained a focus on critical learning that can make a sustainable change for the population. Nicola uses a consultative approach to empower the local agencies, and professionals, who can implement the necessary change. 

‘I wanted to thank you for all your work on the report. The Executive were extremely positive – they felt it was very well balanced, reflected the views of the family really well, and provided a fair reflection of the challenges. They thought it was really clear in its learning and recommendations.’

(A London LSCP)

‘An excellent report’.

(A London ADCS)

‘Just to say thank you for all your hard work in relation to the Review. It is much appreciated. as you know your report was well received by the SAB. From our teams perspective it has been great to work with you and we look forward to working with you again!’

(Feedback from a SAB in South region)

‘Another good report from Nicola. It raises some important and thought provoking points and recommendations… and thank you Nicola for the sensitivity and thought you have put into this review.’

(Feedback from a SAB Chair)