Edition 72 February 2021


It was April 2016 & the SILP Reviewers & I were considering the 2015 report of the National Panel about the quality of overview reports being ‘disturbingly variable’. It was a blow to us [how was our approach rated by the panel?] but we were in agreement that the numbers of recommendations being generated did indeed fall into the ‘disturbing’ category.

We agreed our non-negotiables:

  • recommendations that could be counted on the fingers of one hand
  • select the ones that go to the nub of the case
  • try something different to the procedures & training related ones

I’m not suggesting we managed all of that in every review. How have we got on? Has there been an improvement? It’s time to bring it all up to date. What better place to start than the findings of the survey of LSCBs conducted as part of the last Triennial Analysis. This will include discussion of the impact of recommendations & how different methodologies were received & will provide insight for reviewers into the practitioners’ world.

I invite you to join my free masterclass with myself & Marian Brandon ‘How to Create Impact in your Review Without Adding Layers of Recommendations’ on 27th January, 2.00-3.00pm. As a valued member of this community you are warmly invited to join me.

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