Edition 151 – July 2022

Silo working is a problem we encounter in practice & our reviews can provide an important opportunity to analyse this as an issue. Some reviewers find it’s not within their comfort zone to consider the actions of people in the same way as it is to analyse systems. Nevertheless, in a robust review it is inevitable that we must include both.

And what happens in practice is also happening in the world of reviews. When we have a specialism in either childrens or adults safeguarding we may be less aware of important studies relating to domestic abuse which are helpful no matter which review system you operate within.

Are you immersed in the world of Domestic Homicide Reviews? If this work is not your main focus you may not be aware of the Key Findings from Analysis of Domestic Homicide Reviews*, which analysed 124 DHRs reviewed by the Home Office in the 12 months from October 2019.

It’s a feature of our separate review systems that we may not see this as relevant reading if our work is safeguarding adults or safeguarding children. But understanding the particular vulnerabilities & how they were impacting on victims & perpetrators in those cases & will touch & concern your work. It may not surprise you to know that mental health & substance misuse or a combination of these factors. The age & sex of victims & perpetrators of the composition of the household all paint a picture of this pre-pandemic & early pandemic phase.

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