Edition 11 November 2019



Sometimes a review comes along in which its clear we can focus on a couple of episodes and still learn what we need to learn.

In those cases we can take a less chronological approach and dig deep into those focussed areas. Depth rather than breadth..

The learning can emerge very quickly and can be implemented on the ground. Do you have examples of the kind of case in which this might work? We have developed a handful of case studies. We can share more over the next couple of weeks.

We are ready now to officially launch our lighter touch approach, which suits this type of case. It suits reviews for which the material for the learning event is generated in house.
Of course, we can charge less for these reviews. We know how much this helps.

Help us name our model… we already have ‘mini SILP’ for single agency reviews. How about ‘SILP Focussed’ ??

Please email info@reviewconsulting.co.uk, either if you have name suggestions or case examples where this approach has worked/would work. We would love to hear from you.