Edition 64 November 2020


The SILP Reviewers who founded this movement never subscribed to review practice which lacked engagement. They never practiced in a way designed to hold agencies to account. They know the ‘how to’ when it comes to reviews.

But those early years spent establishing themselves & their review practice were important. Reviewers with integrity who have a strong focus on how the process feels for their participants are much needed in this period of intense & rapid change. Without those early years we wouldn’t have the benefit of what they bring to the review world now.

SILP Founders begin a new phase in 3 weeks time. They are prioritising their own growth & development through connection with like minded individuals & leading thinkers in their field. This includes a session with Marian Brandon in January 2021 exploring the survey of Local Safeguarding Children Boards conducted as part of the last Triennial Analysis.

Have you worked with these reviewers? The ones who are in local areas supporting practitioners with structured, conscious feedback. They are pragmatists, not expecting an overnight ‘system fix’, & they don’t entertain arguments that ‘reviews don’t work’. They are intrinsically motivated the by the value of the process, enabling them to accommodate most changes proposed to their written outputs with grace & ease.

I am excited to work with them & have the conversations that will move us all forward.