Edition 9 October 2019



We have been talking about this for a while. It was 9 years ago when the DFE published a study* of recommendations which questioned the role they played in learning lessons. Back then there was some concern about proliferation of recommendations, in particular. It was clear that there may be other ways to learn.

How has this changed? Last Autumn LSCBs were asked to complete a survey exploring the impact of recommendations, linking survey questions with different methodologies . Perhaps you were involved.

We remain intrigued about implementation of learning. That’s why we wanted Marian Brandon to cover this topic at our forthcoming conference. So, alongside her planned exploration of the (as yet unpublished) Triennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews, we will hear Marian’s presentation of the survey’s findings.

We have other presenters who will grab your attention and, quite frankly, force you to think. Frank Mullane from Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse will join us and we will hear an update from the National Panel from Steph Brivio. Click here for further details.

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*A Study of Recommendations arising from
Serious Case Reviews 2009-2010
Brandan, Sidebotham et al