Edition 68 December 2020


If you are considering embarking on a review which learns from strong practice, a good place to start is by honing your skills around strengths based feedback.

Using techniques such as setting the tone using language, environment & body language may seem like small tweaks. In fact they make a world of difference. When this becomes a part of the day job the review becomes a far less tense environment.

Our pre-occupation with what went wrong is a thing of the past. Start now & see how quickly you can leave it behind. You won’t miss anything. Try it & you will see.

Where do we start? I have created some resources for you to use for strengths based self evaluation, as a starting point. Throughout this week I will share this & other resources with you. It all culminates in a workshop with me this Thursday 17th December at 1.30pm, where I will show you how to it all fits together. Let’s look at the detail & see where this is taking us in 2021.

Click here to reserve your space. Let’s end 2020 on a high note & embed our new approach for 2021.

I hope you will join me.