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14 hours ago

Why conduct a review which reveals similar learning to an earlier one? It’s an opportunity. We can revisit the action recommended. Consider what worked well, what has changed. Hone it. Build on it. ... See more

1 day ago

Human interaction in a review is everything. In a room together or on a virtual platform, much deep work is achieved by talking through what happened & why. 11 days to go until SILP School 2021 ... See more

2 days ago

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3 days ago

What is the practitioner experience really like in a review? I asked. You can listen. Click below for episode 7 of the SILP School podcast ‘On How it Feels to be a Review Participant’. ... See more

1 week ago

At Review Consulting we are happy to be having a break for easter. How about you? If you are working over the break, thank you. We appreciate all that you do.

1 week ago

In an era where anyone can conduct a review without any formal training, this is a unique opportunity to gain credits towards masters level courses in a university accredited training programme. ... See more

1 week ago

Will you tolerate feeling disconnected from your participants just because your practitioner event is virtual? SILP pioneered the learning event back in 2009. It’s too important to compromise. ... See more

1 week ago

SILP was the pioneer of the learning event back in 2009. In 2021 we’re not prepared to tolerate low level engagement or lack of connection with practitioners just because the event is virtual. The ... See more

2 weeks ago

Why lower your expectations of real engagement just because your practitioner event is virtual? For how long will you tolerate missing out on real connection? Enough is enough. This is when the ... See more

2 weeks ago

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