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SILP School

SILP School is an 18 week interactive video based training programme that teaches best practice in reviews which engage practitioners and families. It is for independent reviewers and in house practitioners who want more effective, proportionate review practice and early access to learning that is ready to implement on-the go as the process unfolds.

Whether you are brand new to reviews or established and ready to grow your practice around reviews, SILP School will challenge you to execute at the highest level. It’s designed to change your thinking around where we can achieve more by doing less in reviews and requires you to understand what it is like being involved in a review from different viewpoints.

SILP School enrolment happens only once a year, usually in the month of February. But once you’re in, you’re in for life. You choose to go at your own pace throughout the year, or join other enrollees and finish the training in just 18 weeks. Our alumni can choose to take SILP School each year to re-focus and glean even more information. Want to stay in touch about SILP School?

What Will Be Needed from Reviews in the Next Phase – Podcast

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Half Day Seminar

This seminar is for independent chairs of safeguarding boards and their business managers and others who have participated in case reviews to share their experiences of SILP and non-SILP approaches. The seminar will present the SILP model and offer a forum for those involved in SILP case reviews to share their experiences of this approach with each other and with those who have not yet adopted it. The seminar will also inform further innovation to the SILP model.

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SILP Academy

Compulsory rolling training programme for SILP Accredited Reviewers. 

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Family Engagement During Social Distancing 

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