training & support

Systemic Workshops

These workshops began with the Improving the Quality of Serious Case Reviews programme, whose aim was to offer taster workshops on a range of systemic methodologies. We continue to offer the workshops to provide an opportunity for reviewers and chairs of case reviews, as well as commissioners, to sample the SILP methodology, understand how it will fit with statutory guidance on learning and improvement, and see how it might be applied to case reviews. 

Half Day Seminar

This seminar is for independent chairs of safeguarding boards and their business managers and others who have participated in case reviews to share their experiences of SILP and non-SILP approaches. The seminar will present the SILP model and offer a forum for those involved in SILP case reviews to share their experiences of this approach with each other and with those who have not yet adopted it. The seminar will also inform further innovation to the SILP model. 

Training & Support for Lead Reviewers

The SILP Lead Reviewer course is a 3 day course designed to prepare participants to use the SILP model. It offers a unique opportunity to participate in a simulated live practitioner event. The course is accredited by a leading university and successful participants will receive credits towards university courses. There will be a one day annual refresher course aimed to keep SILP Lead Reviewers updated and in touch with current best practice and latest developments.

Those who pass the course will be entered on the Register of SILP Lead Reviewers held by the university. They will receive a package of support, including :

· A structured contractual and commissioning arrangement
· Access to group supervision
· Access to online resource centre
· A professional development network

Information sessions

Offered for regional networks or other commissioning groups, these presentations aim to provide all you need to know if you are interested in commissioning SILP reviews. 

SILP Refresher Course

The annual refresher training which is compulsory for SILP reviewers who wish to maintain their accreditation.