SILP Lead Reviewer Course

SILP is a learning model which engages frontline staff and their managers in reviewing cases, focussing on why those involved acted in a certain way. It follows a systems methodology, as is required by Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013. SILP also highlights what is working well and patterns of good practice. For these reasons, the demand for SILP has grown and we are looking to train SILP reviewers.

About the Course

The SILP Lead Reviewer course is designed to prepare participants to conduct case reviews using the SILP model. It offers a unique opportunity to use an approach which follows systems methodology and engages staff and their managers. The course is accredited by the University of Portsmouth, enabling successful candidates to obtain credits towards courses offered by the University.


In addition to developing an understanding of the SILP approach to systems methodology you will have an opportunity to participate in live simulated practitioner events. Supervision will be offered to enable you to reflect on your experiences and you will be required to consider in depth how report writing will be approached in the context of SILP.

Time Commitment & Conditions

You will be required to attend the initial 3 days, following which all any candidate wishing to become an accredited SILP Lead Reviewer will be required to prepare a brief written assignment. SILP Lead Reviewers are required to undertake an annual one day refresher course.

Upon becoming a SILP Lead Reviewer there is no requirement to accept any commissions. It will be open to you to indicate your availability/willingness to receive commissions once your name is entered onto the register held by the university.

You will have access to our online library containing template documents and published SILP overview reports.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in using the SILP model, whether employed or independent, who can demonstrate they have the skills and experience we are seeking.


Once accredited reviewers will be permitted to use the model under the terms of the trademark for commissions arranged or approved by us. We see the potential for the following models for reviewing cases :

  1. An independent lead reviewer working alone
  2. An independent lead reviewer working alongside an in house lead reviewer
  3. An in house reviewer reviewing the case of an organisation from which that reviewer is independent
  4. Two independent reviewers working together if the circumstances of the case or the commissioning organisation require it

Person Specification


  • Experience in the field of safeguarding including experience at a managerial level.
  • Partnership working in the statutory and voluntary sectors
  • Proven track record of a robust and effective approach to performance management which has resulted in the delivery of improved outcomes
  • Handling complex group dynamics, including chairing and group facilitation
  • Report writing experience which demonstrates:
    1. an understanding of language and style for the audience
    2. a robust analysis
    3. that the original scope and terms of reference are addressed


  • Legislation, guidance, research and good practice in safeguarding


  • Strong leadership and ability to motivate others
  • High level of interpersonal skills
  • Open mindedness and curiosity
  • Handling complex group dynamics
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Enthusiasm for participative approaches
  • Interest in systems methodology
  • Desire to promote reflective learning culture


Contact if you are interested in receiving more information or in applying. You will be invited to submit, in addition to your CV, a supporting statement which identifies how you meet the criteria in our person specification.

Or simply fill in the form on this page attaching your CV & Supporting statement and we will get back to you ASAP.


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