research project

We gather feedback from SILP participants at the end of reviews which enables us to continuously improve. However, now that SILP is embedded as a framework for organisational learning we want to go deeper in understanding its impacts.

We hope to publish in the near future the evaluation of our model undertaken by the University of Nottingham. Further details to follow. Our research team is led by Dr Kate Morris, Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Nottingham and Sue White. Professor of Social Work at the University of Birmingham. Marian Brandon, Professor of Social work at the University of East Anglia acts as consultant to the project.

Its aim is to consider the process of the review and its impact on participants and organisations, including the changes they plan to make to their safeguarding practices. It is proposed that both short term and long term impacts will be evaluated. Whilst we have a clear objective in terms of informing development of the SILP model, we hope a collateral benefit will flow for organisations to understand what additional interventions that may drive long term improvements in safeguarding children.

We are delighted that a link has been made by our academic partners with colleagues at Penine Acute Hospitals Trust. The Trust has already commissioned research around safeguarding and patient safety and we intend to establish a community of practice. This collaboration will evolve as our research project unfolds.

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