What Does Proportionality Really Mean?

With most reviews now claiming to follow a ‘systems methodology’ & / or offer ‘proportionality’, how do we ensure that our practice delivers what we originally intended to achieve?

When we feel in a state of overwhelm from review activity how can we produce our best quality on every occasion?

For childrens reviews there has been a requirement since June 2018 to undertake a rapid review on all serious incidents for decision and submission to the Panel. The facts of the case are assembled within 15 working days. A well conducted rapid review can form the basis of the review which follows.

Our aim is to minimise the need for unnecessary additional work where a rapid review can produce much of what we need to identify learning.

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s latest guidance (April 2019) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/child-safeguarding-practice-review-panel-practice-guidance  is clear that there is no immediate plan to prescribe a set format for the rapid review, but there are 11 minimum areas to be covered.

We are looking for boards to work with us using the material already generated as the basis for a SILP review. The same principle applies to Safeguarding Adult reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Are you open to working with us in this way?

Please email info@reviewconsulting.co.uk if this may suit your local practice. There is no requirement to have a case ready for review. We can consider the checklist and your local practice in readiness for an appropriate case arising.