A New Month, New Challenges

Welcome to our first Review Consulting Newsletter.

 April is upon us and we want to find ways to engage with you and offer value over and above our work for you in SILP reviews. Our aim is to bring you advice, free guides, support and updates in this space. You will only hear from us when we think we have something of value to share.

 We can think of no better place to start than thinking about how we can best prepare your partners to work collaboratively within our reviews.



 What has it felt like for SILP participants to engage in a Learning Event? Do they always feel adequately prepared for what is to come? We want to skill you up to support those who will participate in a SILP review. You can help enable them to engage openly and without anxiety.

We have attached a video for you to share with those practitioners. The video works best when they have received their invitation letter. They can then be invited to watch the video. An opportunity should be offered for a follow up discussion with a line manager, safeguarding lead or independent reviewer involved in their case after watching the video.


Click Here To View Video – What To Expect From SILP: For Participants

How effective was this approach? We would love to receive your comments to info@reviewconsulting.co.uk.