1 month ago

We work in so many new ways these days, it's not always through an employment relationship. Working independently can be lonely. SILP reviewers have time and space to reflect on their work and ... See more

2 months ago

The draft bill published on Monday aims to transform the response to domestic abuse by (1) promoting awareness (2) enhancing victim support (3) transforming the criminal and family justice systems & ... See more

2 months ago

Becoming a SILP reviewer involves training & completion of a written assignment. Then securing our first few reviews is a further challenge. Once we become more experienced this gets easier. ... See more

2 months ago

Want to learn more about our team of reviewers? Go to www.reviewconsulting.co.uk/SILP

2 months ago

2019... looking forward to seeing the first national review

2 months ago
silp participants – Review Consulting

We are the licensed providers of reviews using the tried and tested SILP methodology. Have you visited our new website www.reviewconsulting.co.uk/SILP? SILP is preparing to celebrate its 10th ... See more

SILP participantsThe SILP methodology is tried and tested in over 150 cases. We have worked with many boards who have returned to us to conduct SILP reviews for them or have built in -house capacity ... See more

3 months ago

3 months ago

As a new pool of reviewers is recruited can we expect national reviews to transform the way we learn from practice?

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