2 hours ago

Can you relinquish the illusion of control around your recommendations? What is more important : attempting to nail it all down with a SMART recommendation or crafting learning that is aligned & ... See more

1 day ago

When we speak in SILP reviews about what went well in a case how does that make you FEEL? Do you have a tendency to shrink into a narrow definition of good practice? Click here to join our FREE ... See more

3 days ago

Delays in reviews are never easy for families. How does best practice look around engaging families when a review is delayed? Click here to join our FREE online network & join our free workshop with ... See more

6 days ago

Understanding process within a review is a great starting point. But it’s the tip of the iceberg. Unlock the secrets to achieving more with less in your review. Our training suits those who ... See more

1 week ago

Is fear holding you back from focussing on strengths in your review? Will the review fail to unlock the learning from shortcomings in practice? Learn why the opposite is true. Click here to join our ... See more

1 week ago

The way your review participants FEEL will determine how they LEARN throughout the process. The way they learn impacts the learning from the review. The domino effect. Click here to learn more about ... See more

1 week ago

Your review : is the focus on process, templates & ‘the how’? But how do your participants FEEL? Up your game in SILP School 2020 with its simulated learning event & a series of mindset audios ... See more

1 week ago

Do your bank holiday plans look very different to what you had planned? Same. The weather is set to exceed expectations, so we could decide to embrace doing this differently. Are you in?

1 week ago

Shout out to a SILP reviewer who is up for producing a very different style version 1 report for a very different way of working. Do you work with people who amaze & inspire you? Let me know #Virtual ... See more

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