9 hours ago

What’s different about our approach? It’s experiential. We learn from academics but we don’t teach that way. We teach step by step. Lots of examples from practice. Does this work for you?

1 day ago

Lets go back 10 years when sitting down with practitioners in reviews was rather ‘experimental’. Not for the faint hearted. Never for one that met statutory threshold. Now how do you view having ... See more

2 days ago

A tried & tested methodology used in over 150 cases. It is a rare privilege to be in this position. Now we have the luxury of choosing who we want to work with. Where do we NOT want to work? Where ... See more

5 days ago

With only 26 days to go until the start of a new decade, what better time to consider your vision, your goal, your next steps? Complete transformation or minor tweaks, it doesn’t matter so long as ... See more

6 days ago

What’s so special about using SILP’s ‘TEC’ case assessment system at the start of your review? Developed to use at the start of all SILP reviews, it allows us to advise from the start as to ... See more

1 week ago

As a team we have a strong motivation to make a difference. It was always about more than the bottom line. Our partnership with Association of Child Protection Professionals gives us the chance to ... See more

1 week ago

We are excited but why should YOU enthuse about our partnership with Association of Child Protection Professionals? What benefits will it bring to those who work with us? We can now offer FREE ... See more

1 week ago

Successful partnerships have certain common factors. Including trust, drive & goal alignment….

We are excited to announce our partnership with Association of Child Protection Professionals. The ... See more

1 week ago

It’s time to own up. I’m a fidget. I can’t sit still for long periods. The cinema is unappealing for those built like me. It was a challenge when I used to write a lot of overview reports. ... See more

2 weeks ago

‘If I become a SILP reviewer can I continue with my other independent work?’ We positively encourage that you do. You will bring more to your review work if you opt for variety, that’s for ... See more

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