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1 week ago

This week has a definite 'back to school' vibe. What training needs do you want to address in 2019/20?

1 month ago
“Landmark moment” as Domestic Abuse Bill introduced to Parliament

Our landmark hashtag#DomesticAbuseBill was introduced in Parliament today. It includes new Protection Notices and Orders to protect victims of hashtag#DomesticAbuse, regardless of their gender or ... See more

2 months ago

15 working days..the rapid review is a sprint not a marathon. With the pressure it is placing on partners, is it time to question what can realistically be achieved in that timescale - how wide, how ... See more

2 months ago

What makes a great mentor? As we prepare to film our mentoring masterclass we are considering this. We would value your thoughts

2 months ago

The Home Office are ahead of the game when it comes to advocacy and support for families through reviews. We see this less in other reviews, but interestingly 'serious case reviews' are mentioned in ... See more

3 months ago

Do you participate in reviews & learning activity? Sharing with us your time, your expertise, your energy and your analytical skills is everything. What you bring to us can either make or break the ... See more

3 months ago

Our trainee SILP reviewers have prepared over a number of months for their launch into the spotlight as accredited SILP reviewers. The process involves completing a 3 day course, passing a written ... See more

3 months ago

An end to the postcode lottery for support survivors of domestic abuse & their children receive. New duties on local authorities, & research from University of Birmingham today highlighting the ... See more

3 months ago

Timing makes all the difference when it comes to engaging families in reviews. Subscribe to our newsletter to join the discussion :

3 months ago

In reviews we see learning disability, autism and challenging behaviour as issues where training needs have not been met. The CQC's findings on segregation in hospitals support this need. Does the ... See more

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