2 days ago

Technology, sometimes you are frustrating, or down right baffling. On this occasion I am so utterly grateful for you. Virtual meetings are keeping us connected & allow us to maintain momentum in our ... See more

3 days ago

The danger of selecting a long scoping period for your review? (1) Practice has already changed by the time learning is identified. (2) doesn’t work as well in virtual practitioner events. Inbox me ... See more

4 days ago

Yes, information sharing is a repetitive theme in reviews. Continue to flag it. But define it clearly or it will lose impact, Right information, right time, right professional? Without this there’s ... See more

5 days ago

In reviews the focus is more often on shortcomings in practice. We may forget how much we can learn from what went well.

We can write about this in poor outcome cases too. Be transparent. Prepare ... See more

6 days ago

Technology means this post can reach you. A miracle. But the national panel’s 2nd report states ‘complexity of practice requires sophisticated conversation’. Did we stop speaking to each ... See more

1 week ago

Grouping findings of reviews into themes. Helpful to capture patterns, gain an overview. But themes may be extracted as headlines for dissemination. Not all will read the full report. Define it ... See more

1 week ago

Front line workers managing a very different landscape. All staff being called to work differently. Gratitude isn’t enough. What can we do to support you as your role changes during these times? ... See more

1 week ago

Think about it. Time spent doesn’t always equate to increased impact. The 12 minute HIIT workout. The quick drying nail varnish. The world of reviews during social distancing is different, but no ... See more

1 week ago

Does your recommendation hit more than one level of influence? Who is it that can make the necessary change? Think this one through. Directing your recommendation at every level of influence ... See more

1 week ago

Early findings of the 2019 National Recommendations Survey suggest recommendation overload is leading to loss of impact. Try this test : can you count them on one hand? No? Too many. Register here ... See more

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