1 day ago

There is not only one way to review practice. 2020 has been all about embracing new approaches. One non-negotiable remains though : ensuring appropriate engagement with practitioners & families. Do ... See more

2 days ago

If I asked you to discuss your practice would you struggle to define it as ‘strong?’ Would it be easier to give it a score out of 10? Click here to join our FREE online network & join the debate ... See more

4 days ago

The doors close for enrolment for SILP training for another year at midnight tonight. An amazing cohort of SILP trainees has joined us already. Are you joining us? Click here for an on the spot ... See more

5 days ago

Zoom out. See the bigger picture. Getting the learning out was never more important than now. Can there be any excuse for protracting the review or making it overly time consuming for our ... See more

1 week ago

Working with the 2020 trainee SILP reviewer cohort reassures me that we are well equipped for the important reviews that will arise in 2021. What’s happening in your team that makes you grateful?

1 week ago

Reviews of 2020 practice are important opportunities for learning & reflection. Make a start, there is much good work being done virtually. Click here to join our FREE online network. We are ... See more

2 weeks ago

We dedicate our precious resource to reviews because they are important for learning. Don’t hold back & wait for the opportunity for an in person meeting. There is much good work being done ... See more

2 weeks ago

New month, new start. Do you want to consider with your peers what it means to take an active leadership role in reviews? Click here to join our FREE online network http://bit.ly/SILP10thBN

3 weeks ago

Confidence to liaise with agencies involved in proceedings running to your review comes with knowing the right questions to ask. The delays are getting longer now. Invest an hour. Skill yourself up. ... See more

3 weeks ago

It requires dedicated time to actively lead a review. Reviewers who only devote the time for the main meetings could miss the benefits of proper liaison with criminal justice agencies where there are ... See more

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